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Mix 104.9 - Everything Top End featuring Wake Up with Greg and Ali, 360 with Katie Woolf and Jac Bowie!

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    It's the happiest time of year ... and you're bound to get a few gifts that will raise an eyebrow.

    Manufacturers have spent the past 11 months searching for quirky gifts and products that will appeal to that someone special.

    People just like you.

    We've narrowed down a few gifts and there's still time to place an order in time for Christmas Day!

    Like the personalised David Hasselhof autographed poster, complete with quotes from the TV series Baywatch. Or what about a Nice and Naughty Two Person Jumper? An ideal garment for couples to celebrate all things festive.

    There's also the slippers that warm via a USB port - the perfect gift for a relative who lives down South. Or why not consider a Bigfoot Garden Statue, gnomes are so last year.

    Have you come across any wacky Christmas gifts?

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  • 12/14/15--18:18: Re-gifting for Christmas
  • regifting

    John Oliver has some good advice for those who plan to pass on presents they don’t want. There are rules you need to follow.  - Greg




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    If you fly regularly chances are you know the horror or losing your luggage at the airport. But one man has come up with the ultimate solution.

    Thanks to Instagramer Jew3lr0se, the secret is a shrine to your former self.

    Do you think it will catch on?

    Image: jew3lr0se

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    With Christmas just days away, these children are helping spread the Christmas cheer by sharing their favourite festive jokes. Enjoy!

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  • 12/16/15--18:12: The making of ISIS
  • mad_bastards

    In the few short years since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria formed, it has done the seemingly impossible, seizing vast areas of the Middle East to form a mini-state it calls a reincarnation of the ancient Caliphate. It is at war with all its neighbours and virtually the entire world, yet someone remains, and is launching increasingly deadly terror attacks abroad.
    To understand how this terrible group came about and how it has grown so powerful, you need to understand the story behind its rise. And that is a story that goes back decades, to long before ISIS existed is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.   *Greg




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    How to burn off a beer

    A study has revealed exactly how hard you should hit the gym after downing a few pints.

    For many people, Christmas and the New Year period is a time for eating and drinking ... and drinking.

    But if you're worried about gaining weight, do not fear, experts have revealed how much exercise you should do to burn off the liquid ale.

    For every pint of beer, you should do 25 minutes on the treadmill.

    Good luck!



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    Keith Richards may be best-known for the time he spent in The Rolling Stones, but the rocker is still going strong at 72 years old. Though Richards has spent a lot of his life in the limelight, there are still some facts about him that have slipped through the cracks. Here, we present our list of 7 things you probably didn’t know about Keith Richards.

    He Does Not Sleep Very Much. In his autobiography, Richards wrote that he only slept for about two nights every week for many years. This gave him a lot of time to be creative when most people were fast asleep.

    He Has Been Musically Adept Since Age Three. Richards claims that he first felt an attraction to music when he was just three years old. He began appreciating classic artists like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn.

    He Was a Boy Scout. Though you might think of Richards as a cool rocker guy, he actually was a Boy Scout when he was growing up. He said, “It was mainly a chance to swagger around with a knife on your belt.”

    He Likes the Sound of a Flushing Toilet. When the Stones first started playing together, they created a makeshift recording studio out of a bathroom. They did this not because of the acoustics, but because Richards thought the sound of a toilet flushing mimicked applause.

    His Dressing Room Was Camp X-Ray. While on tour, each member of the Stones would get his own dressing room. Richards decided to name his “Camp X-Ray” which appears to be a Guantanamo Bay reference.

    He Drinks Nuclear Waste. Richards is well-versed in booze, but his drink of choice is quite interesting. He likes to mix two ounces of vodka with one ounce of orange soda and plenty of ice.

    He Is Crazy About Shepherd’s Pie. According to Mick Jagger, there were two rules for when the Stones went on tour. The first rule is that nobody plays on the snooker table unless he has been asked, and the second: “…you never, ever, take the shepherd’s pie unless Keith Richards has broken the crust first.”

    Check out the fantastic BBC doco on the life of Keith Richards. Cheers…..Greg




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    The Christmas Party Escape Suit

    Christmas parties are a great time to reflect on the year and celebrate achievements. But many of us dread the annual shindig and wish there was an easy way of getting out of it.

    Fortunately, a company has come up with a revolutionary way of escaping 'unnoticed'.

    The 'Christmas Party Escape Suit' is a fully decorated wearable Christmas tree, complete with battery operated lights.

    So when you reach that awkward stage of the party, simply slip into your suit and slide out discreetly. 

    Merry Christmas!


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    If you're merrily munching your way through an advent calendar this Christmas you might have noticed the chocolate tastes different to other varieties.

    Now the experts have an explanation.

    Most advent calendar chocolate comes in the form of thin discs, with rounded corners and an embossed festive figure on its surface.

    This helps it melt quickly on your tongue, which has a large surface area, meaning your tastebuds are treated to a particularly intense chocolate hit.

    Also, because you're only geting one tiny piece a day, you'll probably take your time savouring it for just that little bit longer.


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  • 12/21/15--18:05: Don’t be a stoner sloth
  • sloth

    An anti-marijuana campaign from New South Wales has become a viral smash.

    The campaign, with its slogan "you're worse on weed," attempts to educate teenagers of the risks of marijuana use by depicting stoners as grumbling, oversized "Stoner Sloths."

    Who could imagine that backfiring?  The ad has been widely successful online, though probably not for the reasons the NSW government had in mind.




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  • 12/21/15--18:42: Real life 'Elf on the Shelf'
  • Elf

    Looks like Santa has a new helper.

    Blogger Alan Lawrence is spreading some Christmas cheer with adorable images of his four month old son Rockwell dressed up as a real life 'elf on the shelf'.

    'The Elf on the Shelf' book tells the story of Santa's elves hiding out in homes and then reporting back to Santa on naughty and nice children by watching them from a different daily spying position each day.

    Lawrence was inspired to dress up his son and photograph him after being told he looked like an elf. 

    Picture: Alan Lawrence/




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    aus day

    Celebrate our National Day by joining Mix 104.9 for our Straya Family Fun Day at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club.

    We'll be live from 10am and invite you to bring your family and friends for a fun community event to celebrate what's great about our country.

    There'll be heaps happening on the day with thong throwing and line casting competitions among the highlights.


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  • 01/11/16--17:19: A flying frog?
  • Frogcopter

    This frog looks like it might be about to take flight.

    But the frog has been given its vehicular appearance thanks to a dragonfly perched on its head.

    A photographer snapped the encounter in Jakata, Indonesia, but the moment was over in a matter of seconds as the insect soon buzzed off.



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  • 01/11/16--18:24: Lord of the Rings
  • butt of jokes

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    This little girl has become famous worldwide after being photobombed by this laughing horse.

    She was posing for a photograph for her mother in Florida when the grinning Clydesdale crept into view behind her.

    Think its photoshopped? Nope, its 100 per cent genuine.

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  • 01/13/16--17:18: World's Biggest Crocodile
  • croc

    Paleontologists searching far and wide in Tunisia made a discovery of massive proportions: the world's largest sea-dwelling crocodile, previously unknown to science.

    This prehistoric crocodile is believed to have measured more than 30 feet long and weighed three tons. The skull alone is more than five feet long. Researchers named the new species the Machimosaurus rex and described their findings this week in the journal Cretaceous Research.

    "Massive" is how lead author Federico Fanti of the University of Bologna described the crocodile. "It's just big. It's almost the size of a bus."

    He added: "It definitely was at the top of the food chain at the time, at least in this particular locality."

    Fanti and his team, supported by National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration, found the fossils buried below just a few inches of sediment on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, a country rich with fossils.

    "This one was a big surprise, not because we found fossils, but we found beautiful ones," Fanti said. The skull took two days to uncover, and the "rest of the body was just lying there."

    This particular site was likely home to a lagoon that faced the ocean. Researchers also found the remains of fish and turtles that they still need to identify.

    The M. rex was "absolutely capable" of hunting in the water and could have been an ambush predator or a scavenger, Fanti said. Comparing M. rex to other crocodiles that also have big heads and short teeth suggests the M. rex had "a very incredibly powerful bite force" that would let it crush its food, Fanti said. Turtles, for instance, would have been an ideal meal.

    This discovery is groundbreaking for reasons other than girth; Fanti said this finding undermines previous theories about prehistoric life. The group of crocodiles that M. rex belongs to was considered to have gone extinct about 150 million years ago at the end of the Jurassic Period, but this particular M. rex lived about 130 million years ago.

    Previous studies pointed to "a big global extinction between the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods that wiped out a number of marine reptiles, including this group of reptiles," Fanti said. M. rex lived way after this "hypothesized mass extinction."

    "That's leading us to consider the mass extinction theory is wrong and that we should better understand what's going on at the end of the Jurassic period," Fanti said.

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    aussie flag

    Bring out the meat pies and double pluggers ... join Mix 104.9 and celebrate our official National Day of Australia at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club!

    Our Straya Family Fun Day is a free event held on Australia Day with a great Aussie atmosphere, fun, games and prizes galore.

    Indulge in our delicious mixed grill, toss a barra, throw the longest cast and get active with our tug-o-war. Greg and Ali will be broadcasting live from 10am and you could win your very own Drone just by being there!

    With thanks to Ray's Outdoors and Big Mitch Pies, we look forward to seeing you on Australia Day to celebrate all things Aussie.



    Greg and Ali from Mix 104.9 will be live from 10am 

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    A simple maths trick which allows you to work out your age and shoe size is taking the internet by storm.

    Just take your shoe size, multiply it by 5, add 50, multiply that answer by 20, add 1015 and then subtract the year you were born and you should land on your age and shoe size.

    Did it work?

    There are a few variables, in that the equation won't work if you've already had your birthday in 2016, or you have half a shoe size (instead of 5, multiply your shoe size by 50 instead).

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    Get a load of this early photo of a young John Richie (later Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols). As a 16 year old he was a massive Bowie fan. - Greg

    Here's Bowie's swansong.


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    In a radio first, Yani the Yorkshire Terrier joined Greg and Ali on Wake Up to announce a special competition. 

    He revealed that as of next week, we're searching for the Top End's cutest dog. We'll award you and your best friend a stack of prizes and YOU get to decide the overall winner. 

    Its all thanks to Pet Barn Palmerston, Love 'Em Liver Treats, The Furry Godmother, Darwin Pet Spa and Pet Stock Berrimah. 


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