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Palmerston tops NT bogan hunt



Tasmania is the bogan capital of Australia and if you're seeking bogans in the ACT look no further than the nation's parliament.

These are just some of the findings to come out of a “bogan odyssey” completed by self-proclaimed boganologist Paul Fenech.

With the other two members of his crack team, Shazza (Elle Dawe) and Kev the Kiwi (Kevin Taumata), who will be familiar from the controversial SBS series Housos, Fenech has visited every state and Territory for a new 7Mate series called Bogan Hunters.

“There are plenty of places in each state,” he says. “Start in the centre of a city and drive for about 35 minutes minimum into the suburbs and you will find a bogan area.

In the course of his fieldwork, Fenech, who starred as Franky Falzoni in Housos, has become an expert in recognising his quarry.

“The haircut is most likely a mullet or a shaved mullet,” he says. “Home-done tattoos are very important and a missing tooth is a likely indicator. Look for flannelette, ugg boots and thongs and if there is an alcoholic beverage to complete the whole ensemble then you've got yourself a bogan.”

Of particular interest to the bogan hunters are the mating rituals, described by Fenech as “a quick process”.  He also uncovered some touching tales in the course of his travels.  “We met one girl in Adelaide who, despite the fact she stabbed her partner with her mulling scissors, they are still a couple,” he says. “That's bogan love right there.”

And while there are no plans at present to show Bogan Hunters overseas, Fenech is unapologetic about the image of Australia presented by the “reality show”.

“If some people look at it and go, 'Jesus, is this what Australia's like?  Oh, my god.' Well, don't shoot the messenger. This is the bogan world. Like it or love it. It exists.

“If I was thinking about a holiday in Australia and I saw this, I'd probably be scared. If I was in Canada I think I'd maybe go to Hawaii instead.”

A spokeswoman for Seven said a final date has yet to be set for the show, but confirmed it would go to air in May.

Bogan habitat around the country, according to “Boganologist” Paul Fenech:

Sydney: “A toss-up between Mount Druitt and Campbelltown”

Brisbane: Logan

Melbourne: Frankston

Adelaide: Elizabeth

Western Australia: Rockingham

Darwin: Palmerston

ACT: “Let's face it, parliament has got the best bogans in the country”.



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