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INXS a ratings sensation



The numbers are in. INXS has thumped Schapelle.

Seven’s miniseries scored an excellent 1.97m viewers last night, well in front of Nine’s Schapelle telemovie on 1.02m viewers. While INXS managed #1 ranking for the night, Schapelle had to settle for #7, outrated by other titles including Sunday Night, Seven and Nine News and The Block.

Seven won the night with a 37.6% share over Nine’s 27.0%. TEN was 20.5%, ABC 11.9% and SBS 3.1%.

The ratings battle left others in its wake. ABC drama Rake was pushed down to 645,000 viewers.

TEN’s rebooted Reality series So You Think You Can Dance Australia was rejected at just 466,000 viewers, thrashed by My Kitchen Rules (1.64m) and The Block (1.27m). But TEN did have better fortunes with its Sochi coverage.

The rest of the ratings results are:

Seven scored with Sunday Night (1.8m), Seven News (1.29m) and Tricked (433,000).

Nine News was 1.22m for Nine then 60 Minutes (866,000) and Bali: The Dark Side of Paradise (600,000).

A single Winter Olympics event, the Women’s Snowboard Slopefest final, pulled 996,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 587,000.  Other Sochi coverage was 454,000 for evening and 440,000 for afternoon.

ABC News (790,000) was best for ABC1 then David Attenborough: Rise of the Animals (752,000).

On SBS ONE it was World News Australia (202,000) and Archeology: A Secret History (200,000).

Much of ONE’s Sochi coverage eclipsed the audience on TEN with early evening (494,000) and afternoon (492,000). The channel did well at a 7.2% share.



Story thanks to tvtonight.com.au

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