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The Doug Anthony All Stars June 4



Death. Sex. Horror. 

The ingredients for a great night of comedy!

After their 100% sellout world-tour, the Doug Anthony All-Stars [D.A.A.S] are back.

Paul McDermott, Paul ‘Flacco’ Livingston & Tim Ferguson make a triumphant return to Darwin with a shocking new show.

With their trademark bombardment of songs, sex, violence, sex, feminism (and sex), DAAS revolutionized comedy in the ‘80s & ‘90s like no act before or since.Starring on ABCs “Big Gig” and their very own “DAAS Kapital” , they then took to the International stage taking the UK, Europe and the USA by storm. The “Dougs” were the first rockstars of the world comedy circuit. In 1994 when they threw in the towel, it stuck to the wall

Since their rebirth in 2013, DAAS have broken box-office records. 

Their musical comedy is more wicked and dangerous than ever. Wracked by illness and age, the trio has no time to waste.

Speaking from Prague, Paul McDermott said, ‘Death approaches. We have nothing to lose.’ 

The pressures of touring are intense: Livingston is ‘on the spectrum’. Ferguson is wheelchair-bound with MS. McDermott is his primary carer. 

You can imagine.

Be unnerved. Be mildly unnerved

WARNING: Violence, Horror Themes, Sexual References, Mature Adult Images, Hypnotism, Extreme-Conservative Values

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