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Is your cyclone kit up to date?


cyclone emr kit

With the potential for a cyclone to develop off the Northern Territory/Queensland coast later this week, now is the time to ensure your cyclone kit is up to date.

If there is a cyclone you may need to rely on your own resources to get you through until the emergency or disaster has passed, or until help arrives.

Here's a handy checklist:

  • Battery operated radio with spare batteries
  • Torch with spare batteries, candles and waterproof matches¬†
  • First Aid Kit with any essential medicines
  • A change of clothes for each member of the houshold
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Toilet paper and essential toiletries, including sunscreen
  • Special needs for infants
  • Money, including change for phone calls
  • Important family documents, such as birth certificates and photos
  • Strong and sealable plastic bags, for clothing and valuables
  • A mobile phone, spare battery and charger
  • Extra car and house keys
  • A copy of your household plan
  • Pet supplies
  • Non perishable foods
  • 10 litres of bottled water per person
  • Portable cooker
  • Cooking and eating equipment and utensils


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