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Mistakes galore in latest James Bond outing



EAGLE-EYED film fans have spotted 35 mistakes in Daniel Craig’s newest outing as James Bond, but how many of these Spectre slip-ups were you aware of?

The internet has been flooded with examples of mistakes in the $350 million movie, which range from magically-mended windows to wardrobe changes in the blink of an eye.

In one scene, Bond got into the back of a car and then is suddenly teleported to the front seat in the next shot.

A fan complained about a gaffe involving a plane chase, saying: “When the plane hits the car, one wheel comes off. In the next view, all the landing gear is intact.”

In the same scene, the plane rams a car and crumples its nose, although the plane is magically fixed in the next shot.

In a fight scene featuring villain Mr Hinx, another fan spotted a gaffe which saw a train carriage full of people vanish.

The filmgoer wrote: “When Hinx appears in the dining car, the rest of the passengers immediately disappear. Also the barman when they enter that part of the train and the kitchen staff too.”

A helicopter crash scene featured a shattered window miraculously re-form and, as one fan observed: “When the helicopter crashes, Bond’s speedboat goes to the river bank and he runs on to the bridge. Somehow, the police are already there, taping off the scene.”

In another scene, Madeleine Swann, played by Lea Seydoux, had a sudden outfit change, where she goes from being fully clothed to wearing only a nightie in the blink of an eye.

Other fans noticed rogue buses in areas they’d never be found in real life, as well as Daniel Craig’s lace-up shoes turning into slip-ons and sunglasses appearing out of thin air. A car numberplate bears the wrong flag in another niggling scene.

However, Skyfall featured a whopping 68 mistakes, none of which stopped the film being a box office hit.




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