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Territory Day with Greg & Ali



The explosions will be bigger and better than ever on Wednesday as Territorians light up the sky in celebration of Territory Day.

July 1 marks 37 years since the Northern Territory attained self-government, and is customarily celebrated with the wild and jubilant detonation of tonnes and tonnes of fireworks.

Retailers can only sell between 9am and 9pm on July 1, and fireworks can only be set off from 6pm-11pm.

Anyone found in possession of fireworks or setting them off after midnight on Wednesday faces a $1224 fine, with 62 fines issued in the past 12 months.

The Department of Health warns that fireworks can cause severe burns, lacerations, bruises, visual impairment, hearing loss and broken bones.

Territorians are advised to supervise children at all times around fireworks and not to give them to any child under 12.

People should wear natural and not synthetic clothes, which catch fire more easily, and they should never hold more than one sparkler at a time as they can spit molten metal at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees.

People should avoid inspecting or relighting a dud firework, and are reminded never to point, hold or throw lit fireworks at others, and never to use homemade fireworks.

Drinking alcohol while setting off fireworks is strongly discouraged.

"People should not use fireworks under the influence of alcohol because reflexes and judgment can be drastically impaired," said Dr David Read of the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre who joined Greg & Ali on Wake Up on Mix 104.9


  • 21 people aged from four to 54 treated across Territory in 2014 for fireworks-related injuries
  • 37% of injuries since 2012 were to hands and arms, with 25% suffering a face, neck or eye injury
  • More than one third of cases involve bystanders not directly involved in lighting fireworks being hurt.

To find out more about what’s planned for Territory Day click HERE

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