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Twin Peaks returns



Twin Peaks is back!

The classic ABC show is making a return to Showtime in 2016 with nine new episodes. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are working away on the scripts with all episodes set to air on the 25th anniversary of the show’s demise after two seasons on ABC in 1990 and 1991.

The story will be set in the present day, and will continue storylines that featured in the second season. Mark Frost was quick to point out that this will not be a remake or a reboot, but will follow original characters and what they've been up to since we saw them last.

Apparently the passage of 25 years will be a major element in the plot, but Mark Frost refused to give any other details away to Variety.com

“For those followers of the show who felt bereft when the show ended where it did all those years ago are going to like where it goes from here,” Frost said. “And we hope that a lot of people who haven’t been to Twin Peaks yet are going to be equally interested in where the story goes from where we left off.”

Twin Peaks was seen as a series ahead of its time, with David Lynch showing a different approach to telling murder mysteries in a fictional small town in Washington, USA. At the time the series ended, Lynch was "hot stuff" in the Hollywood scene, and remains one of the most famous directors in LA. The TV series became a cult classic after it ended and therefore was a prime candidate for revival.

Lynch and Frost have discussed returning to Twin Peaks over the years, but things got serious when they had one of their semi-regular lunches at Hollywood’s Musso and Frank Grill three years ago.

Both of them realised that “Twin Peaks” was a TV pioneer in many respects. Aspects of the show that were seen as a handicap in the ABC days are now pillars of the contempo generation of edgy cable and pay cable series.

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